30 before 30


It’s all very uneventful in my world at the minute as I am very happy with my lovely boyfriend and my lovely friends and it’s all just so fucking lovely I make myself sick. It’s ace! Although this means that I don’t have much to rant about really, so I thought I’d pop this up here: The reason I started a blog.

My friend Lotte Lane is a blogger extraordinaire, and the big sister I never had. Last year she wrote her “40 for 40” – a list of goals and awesome stuff she wants to achieve before she hits 40 years old. So as all little sisters are wont to do, I copied her.

My next big milestone in aging is 30, so I have written a list of 30 things I want to achieve before I hit the big three-oh:

1. Start blog
2. Earn at least 30k per annum
3. Learn how to rollerskate
4. Do roller derby!
5. Be free of credit card debt
6. Have an “Excellent” credit score
7. Have singing lessons with Dis Charge
8. Drive a van
9. Grow my hair down to my bra strap
10. Meet Ariel at Disneyland

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11. Learn how to bake “parkin” like Grandma used to make
12. Complete my Girl Guiding camp license
13. Get back my deadlift invert to butterfly on the pole
14. Learn swing dancing
15. Climb Machu Piccu
16. Ride a horse
17. Relearn conversational French
18. Get off the antidepressants
19. Have pink hair

It was my birthday party and I was ecstatic, honest. I am probably pulling this face because I was denied my fifth Jaegerbomb...

It was my birthday party and I was ecstatic, honest. I am probably pulling this face because I was denied my 5th Jaegerbomb…











20. Try belly dancing
21. Complete the Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma in Digital Marketing
22. Learn about the different types of clouds
23. Travel round Europe by train
24. Visit ALL the continents! (Well, except Antarctica probably)
25. Buy a house
27. Go to the ballet
28. Sing “Do Re Mi” from the Sound of Music whilst prancing around Salzburg
29. Bungee jump (classic)
30. Finally organise that camping trip with ALL MY FRIENDS

So there you have it. I’ve already done a couple as I wrote the list back in Dec ’13, but there is still a  way to go. Lotte and I plan to do a few in conjunction, like joining Roller Derby and becoming the Westcountry’s answer to Juliette Lewis and Ellen Page in Whip It.

Whip It is solely responsible for making me want to do derby. Watch it!

Now I have 4 years to complete them all, and by the looks of it it’s going to be a pretty fucking fun four years.